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ISBN 9781605355559
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
Unique in its breadth of coverage ranging from historical accounts of drug use to clinical and preclinical behavioural studies, Psychopharmacology is appropriate for undergraduates studying the relationships between the behavioural effects of psychoactive drugs and their mechanisms of action.New to This Edition:New coverage on immune system dysfunctions in schizophrenia that lead to neurodevelopmental brain abnormalitiesDiscussion of the opioid epidemic, designer drugs, and use of naloxoneUpdated coverage of new research techniques, including magnetic resonance spectroscopy, DTI, optogenetics, and othersNew discussion of orexin-based medications for treating sleep disordersCoverage of new findings in the genetic and epigenetic factors of drug addictionCoverage of synthetic cannabis and the potential therapeutic uses of hallucinogenic drugs

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