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Public Policy: A New Introduction

Course Codes : POLS7111

Public Policy: A New Introduction

ISBN 9780230278394
Publication Date
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
In this major new text, Christoph Knill and Jale Tosun provide an engaging introduction to the theory and practice of public policy analysis and to the changing nature of the policy process. The book examines the key approaches and methods of public policy analysis and shows how these can inform public policy choices. It assesses the way various actors, interests and institutions affect each stage of the policy process - including agenda-setting, decision-making and implementation. The authors go on to explore core themes such as policy change over time and policy variation across countries and sectors. Diverse real-world examples - from alcohol control in Russia to environmental policy in Mexico - are included throughout to illustrate the international and multilevel dimensions of public policy.

Due Date 22/12/2018

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