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Public Relations Writing

Public Relations Writing

ISBN 9780132564885
Edition 3 Rev ed
Publisher Pearson Education (us)
Progressing systematically from theory to practice, this comprehensive exploration of public relations writing and techniques ties the development of public relations tactics to strategic public relations planning and to the application of educational and behavioral principles.* NEW - Broadens the behavioral framework to consider how to overcome obstacles to behavior change. * Addresses cognitive dissonance - emphasizing facilitating discomfort or dissatisfaction with an existing behavior. Asks: Have you clearly presented the benefits of action and the consequence of inaction to create discomfort with existing behavior? * Shows students how to create communications that help individuals: 1) transfer what is being said to their own real-life situation; 2) evaluate the benefits of acting and the consequences of not acting on the communication; 3) think through or mentally rehearse how to successfully carry out desired behaviors. * NEW - Considers throughout the new wave of communication technology that will eventually revolutionize public relations writing and tactics. * NEW - Features new, current examples and illustrations of real-world strategies designed to generate supportive behavior from publics who can affect or are affected as an organization pursues its mission. * Combines two important concepts to create a highly effective and ethical approach to public relations writing: * Emphasizes a planning system that helps organizations create public relations writing and tactics which support public behavior for mutually beneficial positions on issues. * Incorporates into public relations writing and tactics educational and behavioral principles that would support the public relations plan - e.g., behavioral goals, measurable objectives, strategies, adjustments to adapt to change messages and tactics. * Outlines an issues-driven public relations planning process which merges issue anticipation/management with a behavioral approach to public relations. The process is designed to: * Anticipate issues likely to affect an organization. * Accelerate potential opportunities. * Redirect likely threats. * Recommend internal adjustments to adapt to change. * Features real-world examples and case studies demonstrating what works and doesnt work in the real world of public relations - drawn from the authors 25 years of professional public relations experience across a wide spectrum of clients. * Provides examples and illustration of virtually all types of public relations practices - with "how-to" planning guides for each area: * Includes formats, recommended content and style guidelines, illustrations, examples, easy-to-grasp charts, and figures. * Considers writing for tactics beyond publicity, e.g.: - identifying and communicating through opinion leaders, writing direct mail, internal correspondence, pre-campaign materials, writing a resume, portfolio and letter to secure a job in public relations. * Provides practice in researching and collecting information, producing and disseminating information, evaluation and using new media technologies.

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