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Qualitative Analysis Using ATLAS.ti, NVivo and MAXQDA

Qualitative Analysis Using ATLAS.ti, NVivo and MAXQDA

ISBN 9781138106673
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Publisher Routledge

Software is cut-and-dried – every button you press has a predictable effect – but qualitative analysis is open-ended and unfolds in unpredictable ways. This contradiction is best resolved by separating analytic strategies – what you plan to do – from software tactics – how you plan to do it. The Five-Level QDA® method unpacks the process so that you can learn it consciously and efficiently.

In this three-volume set covering ATLAS.ti, NVivo and MAXQDA, authors Nicholas Woolf and Christina Silver provide a comprehensive guide to qualitative data analysis using popular software packages. The first part of each book explains how the contradiction between analytic strategies and software tactics is reconciled by "translating" between them. The second part provides both an in-depth description of how the package works and comprehensive instruction in the five steps of "translation". these steps are illustrated with examples from a variety of research projects. The third part contains real-world qualitative research projects from a variety of disciplines, methodologies, and kinds of qualitative analysis, all illustrated in the software package using the Five-Level QDA method. Each book is accompanied by three sets of video demonstrations on the Companion Website.

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