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Quality of Service in ATM Networks

Quality of Service in ATM Networks

ISBN 9780130953872
Publisher Prentice Hall PTR
9538G-7 Efficient deployment of multi-service ATM networks. The convergence of multiple networks into single multi-service networks has resulted in explosive growth in the deployment of ATM technology. As increasing numbers of business-critical applications depend on ATM, meeting the quality of service requirements demanded by the various applications, while still achieving efficient resource usage, becomes a critical objective. Quality of Service in ATM Networks brings together the latest traffic management techniques that enable a network to meet such objectives. Network engineers will learn the generic elements required to manage the quality of the multiple services deployed on the network, the implementation of these elements and their relative value with respect to complexity and efficiency.Quality of Service in ATM Networks discusses the following areas : *Traffic conformance-conformance definitions, policing, shaping and "soft-policing" *Connection admission control *Queuing, scheduling and switching *Flow and congestion control *Managing IP and Frame Relay traffic over ATM networks *Example of a scaleable network design *The traffic contract Based on the up-to-date standards developed by the ATM Forum and the ITU-T, this book provides detailed descriptions of ATM's traffic management capabilities, focusing on maximizing the network efficiency. Covering all standard functions and procedures as well as non-standardized elements, it includes both high-level descriptions and detailed analysis. Where appropriate, mathematical models are also supplied. Quality of Service in ATM Networks is a complete reference work for students, engineers, service providers and anyone whose success depends on a reliable ATM network.

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