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Quantum Weirdness

Quantum Weirdness

ISBN 9780198795131
Edition 1st
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
Quantum mechanics allows a remarkably accurate description of nature and powerful predictive capabilities. At the same time, the analyses of quantum systems and their interpretation lead to many surprises, for example, the ability to detect the characteristics of an object without ever touching it in any way, via "interaction-free measurement," or the teleportation of an atomic state over large distances, and to somewhat strange world views like Everett's many-universes theory. The results can seem bizarre. Quantum mechanics usually involves complicated mathematics, yet most texts for general audiences avoid all mathematics, leading the reader to miss out on a deep understanding of the subject. This book assumes that someone with just a background in high-school level algebra and trigonometry mathematics can learn so much more about quantum mechanics. A wide range of readers including not only university science students, but a general audience interested in science, even those at the high-school level, can understand even the most bizarre behavior of the quantum world.

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