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Queensland Criminal Law and Australian Criminal Justice

Course Codes : LAWS2113

Queensland Criminal Law and Australian Criminal Justice

ISBN 9780190024291
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford Uni Press (OUP)
This value pack contains Queensland Criminal Law 4th edition and the Australian Criminal Justice 5th edition.Queensland Criminal Law 4th Edition offers fresh and critical perspectives on many issues of contemporary criminal justice in Queensland and presents old problems in new and comparative contexts. The book seeks to raise many questions about criminal law, rather than provide definitive answers and readers of this book are invited to critically reflect on their relationship to the criminal law as citizens, as students, as practitioners, and perhaps, as potential subjects of its sanctions. Updated with contemporary cases and current legislation, the fourth edition facilitates the study of the criminal law in Queensland; by exploring and analysing the general principles and specific offences under Queensland's criminal law; and drawing comparisons-where relevant-to developments at common law, federal criminal law, and in other jurisdictions.Australian Criminal Justice Fifth Edition provides a complete overview of the criminal justice process. It analyses the influences that shape criminal justice and examines the institutional and administrative features of its operation in all jurisdictions. The book guides readers step-by-step through the stages of a case - from investigation to sentencing and explores the social context of criminal justice in terms of the rights of the individual, community responsibilities, and international guarantees. For more information on each of these titles, including the table of contents please see their individual pages:Queensland Criminal LawAustralian Criminal Justice

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