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Racism and Education: Research Perspectives

Racism and Education: Research Perspectives

ISBN 9780335157785
Publication Date
Publisher Open University Press
Over the past decade or so, Barry Troyna has been involved actively in research aimed at illuminating the role played by educational policy and provision in the legitimation and reproduction of racial inequalities. In the first part of "Racism and Education: Research Perspectives" he draws on his research into educational policy at both state and institutional level to argue that policy makers and practitioners have avoided getting to grips with one of the central impulses of culturally and ethnically mixed societies: racism. In the second part he focuses on the research enterprise itself. He highlights some of the methodological limitations of existing research on multicultural and antiracist education - research, that is, which has played a powerful role in the framing of educational policy and practice. In the final chapter of the book, Troyna provides a provocative defence of antiracist education against the criticisms mounted by those of the New Right, multiculturalists and "critical revisionists".

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