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Radical Project Management

Radical Project Management

ISBN 9780130094865
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
Project management for today's complex, chaotic business environments. XPM: the first radically new approach to project management in decades! Designed from the ground up for today's high-speed, fast-changing projects Refocusing project management focused on people, relationships, and adding value! Innovative new XPM tools: how to make them work in your organizationTraditional project management doesn't work any more: it's inward-looking, static, and just can't respond to rapid, constant change. Radical Project Management looks outward to stakeholders, management, and clients--and thoroughly involves them from start to finish. Moreover, it assumes that everything will change--and defines a flexible, ongoing project management process that encompasses both project development and support. In this book, Rob Thomsett, one of the world's leading project management consultants, presents XPM from start to finish--and introduces every tool and technique you need to make it work in your organization. Refocusing project management on what matters most: people, relationships, and adding value 11 radically new rules for project managers to live by Innovative new XPM tools, and how to use them "Open Planning" and stakeholder ownership: the heart of successful project management New XPM metrics and project-tracking techniques Why project managers don't need to know the gory technical details Detailed case studies: how XPM is enabling creative people to do truly great workIf you've always suspected there's a more agile, flexible, intelligent way to manage projects, you're right--and XPM is it. Discover for yourself, with the most authoritative, complete, useful XPM guide ever written: Radical Project Management by Rob Thomsett.

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