Re-presenting Geography

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Re-presenting Geography 9781899857616

ISBN : 9781899857616
Publisher : Chris Kington Publishing
Author(s) :
Overview Liz Taylor explores exciting concepts and new ways of thinking in geography. How do teachers think about teaching their subject; how do they support their students to learn, representor re-appraise their geography? This is a challenging and rewarding book for all teachers. The many enquiry sequences demonstrate an effective approach to medium term planning and teaching and have been seen to improve the quality of students' work. The approach of Re-presenting Geography incorporates many ideas from cultural geography which are now central to the main thrust of secondary school geography and are as relevant at Key Stages 3 and 4 as at Advanced Level. Extensive student materials have been trialled in schools, reworked and refined. This results in high quality, engaging content that encourages an approach to teaching that is effective in the classroom. Re-presenting Geography has three broad themes: Whose view? Through whose eyes do we see the world andhow does this influence our understanding of it? Whose world? How do others experience the world and how does this influence what is taught? Writing the world. How do students construct or re-present their worlds and how can teachers help them in this process. In each theme there is discussion of particular new ideas in geography, as well as enquiry sequences which show how these can be usefully exploited in the classroom. Plans and photocopiable resources are included. The text is cross=referenced to enable creative use of materials in a way that complements existing teaching strategies and suggestsnumerous opportunities to take ideas further and to readmore widely. Re-presenting Geography helps teachersto improve their teaching and enrich their knowledge of geography. It works exceptionally well as professional development for the geography department as well as forindividual teachers.


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