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Readings In The Philosophy Of Law

Readings In The Philosophy Of Law

ISBN 9781551118109
Edition 2 Revised edition
Publication Date
Publisher Broadview Press Ltd
The second edition of Readings in the Philosophy of Law is a concise anthology of key arguments in the philosophy of law, organized around the ideas of law and legal reasoning, limits on individual liberty, responsibility, and international law. Selections new to this edition update the anthology while continuing to present legal theory as a set of closely intertwined arguments. Critical Race Theory is addressed, as are challenges to legal theory posed by the emergence of the European Union. The readings provide superb coverage of both classic and contemporary views, and they are edited only lightly to allow readers to grapple with arguments in their original form. Culver's clear, accessible introductions discuss key terms, claims, issues, connections and points of conflict in each section. Culver takes particular care to place arguments in their historical and social context, with analogies and examples emphasizing the continuing relevance of historical and contemporary arguments. A third edition of this text is forthcoming in early 2017.

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