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Real Property Law in Queensland

Course Codes : LWZ223

Real Property Law in Queensland

ISBN 9780455226743
Edition 3 ed
Publisher Law Book Co of Australasia
Publication Date
The most significant changes covered in this edition involve the recent residential tenancy legislation and amended retail shop leases legislation; amendments to the Land Title Act 1994 dealing with identity requirements by mortgagees; and legislative amendments relating to community title schemes. In addition, new commentary includes discussion of green leases; the development of the national electronic conveyancing system; and changes to the compensation provisions and adverse possession applications. The latest developments in Australian native title case law and legislation have been discussed, as well as recent case law dealing with the application of the rule against perpetuities; and the validity of storage or parking easements. Notable case law analysis includes commentary on the High Court decision in Farah Constructions v Say-Dee Pty Ltd on recipient liability; the implications of the High Court decision in Westfield Managements Limited v Perpetual Trustee Company Limited on the interpretation of easements; and the application of the rule in Saunders v Vautier to charitable gifts.

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