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Reengineering Handbook: Step-by-step Guide to Business Transformation

Reengineering Handbook: Step-by-step Guide to Business Transformation

ISBN 9780814479230
Edition New ed
Publisher Amacom
The Reengineering Handbook by Dr. Raymond L. Manganelli and Mark M. Klein is the answer to a professional's needs, starting with: a clear explanation of what "reengineering" a business really involves; an idea of whether your own business will benefit from reengineering; a detailed methodology that shows you how to start and carry out a reengineering project; assurance that if you take your business apart to reengineer it, you'll be able to put it back together again - better than before; and a fool-proof plan for reengineering that avoids chaos during the reengineering process and gets results quickly. The Reengineering Handbook provides a step-by-step reengineering methodology for turning your vision of your company into a pragmatic and successful reality. In the dramatic and high-powered program this book outlines, you'll learn how to apply a 5-stage, 54-step "rapid reengineering" action plan to carry out your reengineering project and avoid dangerous loss of productivity. Using this crystal clear road map, you'll be able to obtain employee buy-in, avoid confusion among staff members and customers, and assemble a top-notch reengineering team. Perhaps most important of all, the methodology will virtually force you and your team to keep the reengineering effort on track and see it through to successful completion.

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