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Re Orient

Re Orient

ISBN 9780195517484
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Reorient: Change in Asian Societies offers a thematic look at the major issues facing societies in Asia. While the book examines the major changes, trends, and problems experienced by Asian societies in the modern world, it does so by recognising the influence of history on a society's cultural patterns, institutions, and people. The text questions stereotypes about Asia, arguing that each society is unique and complex, and that although different societies all face much the same issues and problems, it may be appropriate for them to respond in different ways. Topics include globalisation; demographic change and population growth; ethnicity and political self-determination; economic development and inequality; gender relations; environmental degradation and resource depletion; employment; and media and censorship. • Breadth of coverage—covers whole of Asia • Up-to-date and topical • Presents the diversity of societies in Asia without stereotypes • Examines the influence of information technology and the internet • Highly praised sections on family, gender, and ethnicity

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