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Residential Tenancies Law and Practice

Course Codes : LAWS3413

Residential Tenancies Law and Practice

ISBN 9781862878365
Edition 5 New edition
Publisher Federation Press
Residential Tenancies Law and Practice, 5th edition, deals with residential tenancy law in New South Wales and the associated procedures in the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal of NSW. This guide incorporates the new Residential Tenancies Act 2010 which took effect in February 2011. It reviews the changes brought about in the 2010 Act and updates the case annotations. It is fully updated and revised for solicitors practising in this area of law, real estate agents, property managers, investors, landlords, tenants, and community advice centres. Written by experienced practitioners in the area, it is an essential aid for research and for attendances at the Tribunal. It is particularly for those who wish to obtain a more detailed understanding of residential tenancy law beyond that contained in good consumer manuals such as TenantsaEURO (TM) Rights Manual. It contains: The full text of the relevant residential tenancy legislation in NSW as well as the full text of the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal Act and Regulations. Each statutory provision is annotated with descriptions of the cases that have been decided in relation to that provision Commentary to assist readers in understanding how proceedings of the Tribunal are conducted Detailed lists of cases covering the amounts of compensation awarded by the Tribunal and courts for various breaches of the residential tenancy agreement by parties to the agreement A list of cases outlining the circumstances the Tribunal finds relevant in considering whether to evict tenants Anyone working or interested in the field of residential tenancy law in New South Wales will find this volume an essential addition to their library.

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