Rethinking Social Work in a Global World

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Rethinking Social Work in a Global World 9780230201354

Course Codes : SWSP2221
ISBN : 9780230201354
Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview If we are to fully understand the impact of local concerns on social work, we have to consider these in a global context. Rethinking Social Work in a Global World provides the key to better understanding. It critically examines the relationship between the global and the local in light of a range of social issues and shows how such analysis can assist in improving social work practice. Incorporating the views of practitioners and analysing students perceptions of global issues, the authors: a- draw on a range of theoretical disciplines and traditions, including postcolonialism, sociology, cultural studies and political science; a- explore contemporary global issues such as the environment, new information and communications technology and the global mental health movement; a- examine the implications of adopting global notions of citizenship for social work, in a postcolonial era; and a- provide discussion points to ground the above ideas in a local context, to better inform everyday practice. This timely text is essential reading for practitioners, students and academics across a range of disciplines that incorporate global concerns, including social work, social policy, social welfare and community care.

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