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Risk Management and Financial Institutions

Risk Management and Financial Institutions

ISBN 9780138006174
Edition lnternational ed of 2nd revised ed
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson
For undergraduate or graduate courses with titles such as â Risk Managementâ and â Financial Risk Managementâ and courses on Financial Institutions focusing on regulation and risk management.

Written by a respected author in the professional market, Risk Management and Financial Institutions, 2/e is the only text that explains risk management theory in a â this is how you do itâ manner, encouraging practical application in todayâ s world.

Professors need a text that offers the latest information available, yet is written for application in a real work environment. Hull helps students gain knowledge that will stay with them beyond college.

Thoroughly updated, the Second Edition incorporates new information regarding Stress Testing, liquidity risks, ABSs, CDOs, and the credit crunch of 2007.

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