Roman Art: Romulus to Constantine

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Roman Art: Romulus to Constantine 9780136000976

ISBN : 9780136000976
Publisher : Pearson
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 5 Rev ed
Overview Ideal for readers who are studying Roman art for the first time, this exceptionally well-illustrated volume explores Roman art in the traditional historical mannerĂ¢ with a focus on painting, sculpture, architecture, and minor arts. It assumes no prior acquaintance with the classical world, and explains the necessary linguistic, historical, religious, social, and political background needed to fully understand Roman art. The authors present the history of Roman Art from the following time periods: Etruscan Forerunners 100-200 BC.; The Roman Republic 509-27 BC.; Augustus and the Imperial Idea 27 BC-AD 14; The Julio-Claudians AD 14-68; The Flavians: Savior to Despot AD 69-98; Trajan; Optimus Princeps AD 98-117; Hadrian and the Classical Revival AD 117-138; The Antonines AD 138-193; The Severans AD 193-235; The Soldier Emperors AD 235-284; The Tetrarchs AD 284-312; Constantine AD 307-337 and the Aftermath.

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