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Sadie Sugarspear and Alasdair Astigan

Sadie Sugarspear and Alasdair Astigan

ISBN 9781633700383
Publication Date
Publisher Full Fathom Five Digital
The child inside Sadie has begun to break…

After her battle with Gismania Twilight and the monsters of the Terrible Stream, a banged-up Sadie unexpectedly awakens in what appears to be a familiar landscape: Muddlewoods. But when she finds herself inside a mysterious church and comes face to face with Sam Sugarspear, the one person she has always longed for, something still doesn’t feel right—and Sadie loses Sam into the darkness once again.

But Sadie will forget about Sam and the King of Wishes when she discovers something much more powerful coming alive inside her:

Lust. Desire. Passion.

This novella is followed by The Sadie Sugarspear Chronicles, Books 4-6 bindup, Sadie Sugarspear and the Mystery of the Map, Sadie Sugarspear and a Visit Home, and Sadie Sugarspear and the Princess of Revelathia.

This work contains mature and disturbing content and is recommended for ages eighteen and up.

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