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Science and Humanity

Science and Humanity

ISBN 9780198824589
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
An Oxford physics professor gives a fascinating reply to Richard Dawkins and Sean Carroll. For the general educated reader, this book presents the nature of the physical world, and the role of well-motivated religious response. It aims to reconfigure the whole public understanding of science. Science does not present a machine-like paradigm for the physical world, but something much more rich and subtle. It does not replace other avenues of truth-seeking, such as the arts and humanities. Darwinian evolution in particular is re-examined, allowing it to act by its own rules without bringing in logical fallacies. Human values such as fair treatment, consideration, and so on are forms of truth-speaking as objective as any other. But they require a personal response. Religious response is the natural partner to all of this, but it should not be misconstrued. It is presented freshly in the final part of the book.

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