Scriptwriting Updated: New and Conventional Ways of Writing for the Screen

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Scriptwriting Updated: New and Conventional Ways of Writing for the Screen 9781876351038

ISBN : 9781876351038
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview Scriptwriting has changed. As well as being skilled in traditional writing methods and approaches, today's writer must be able to take on new structures like the parallel storytelling of Pulp Fiction and Magnolia, the multiple protagonist narrative of American Beauty and the complex flashback form of films like The Sweet Hereafter. Writers need a new kind of book, one that puts the emphasis on versatility and explains how the new narrative structures work in relation to the old. Scriptwriting Updated : New and Conventional Ways to Write for the Screen is a desktop reference guide and do-it-yourself script doctor to help writers consolidate their skills in traditional narrative and grasp the practical mechanics of the new. Practicality is the key to this book. Traditional and new narrative structures are carefully explained and cross-referenced. There is a range of helpful analytical aids like charts, quick reference guides and structural breakdowns. Special script development strategies help with plotting. There are highly effective concentration techniques for countering clich and a wide variety of ways to trigger ideas. Scriptwriting Updated is a new generat

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