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Security Science: The Theory and Practice of Security

Security Science: The Theory and Practice of Security

ISBN 9780123944368
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd
Publication Date
"Security Science" integrates the multi-disciplined practice areas of security into a single structured body of knowledge, where each chapter takes an evidence-based approach to one of the core knowledge categories. The authors give practitioners and students the underlying scientific perspective based on robust underlying theories, principles, models or frameworks. Demonstrating the relationships and underlying concepts, they present an approach to each core security function within the context of both organizational security and homeland security. The book is unique in its application of the scientific method to the increasingly challenging tasks of preventing crime and foiling terrorist attacks. Incorporating the latest security theories and principles, it considers security from both a national and corporate perspective, applied at a strategic and tactical level. It provides a rational basis for complex decisions and begins the process of defining the emerging discipline of security science. It features: a fresh and provocative approach to the key facets of security; presentation of theories and models for a reasoned approach to decision making; strategic and tactical support for corporate leaders handling security challenges; methodologies for protecting national assets in government and private sectors; and exploration of security's emerging body of knowledge across domains.

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