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Self Versus Others

Self Versus Others

ISBN 9780415850537
Publication Date
Publisher Routledge
Self Versus Others explores the third-person effect and its role in media as a means of persuasion. This scholarly work synthesizes more than two decades of research on the third-person effect, the process in which individuals do not perceive themselves to be impacted by particular messages—such as persuaded to engage in risky behaviors or encouraged to be violent—but they believe others will be. Authors Julie L. Andsager and H. Allen White focus their analysis specifically on the role of media and media messages, and assert that the third-person effect functions as a means of persuasion. They explore the underlying concepts and connections this effect shares with established theories of persuasion and mediated communication.
The only volume to date focusing on the topic, Self Versus Others demonstrates the significant impact persuasion has on public opinion, behavior, and policy. As such, understanding the means through which persuasion can be accomplished thereby provides a powerful tool. Timely and succinct, this book:
*provides thorough synthesis of third-person effect literature;
*argues that systematic versus heuristic processing underlies third-person perceptions; and
*conceptually links third-person effects with co-orientation.
Intended for communication scholars with an interest in persuasion, as well as those in key areas including mass communication, health communication, and political communication, this book is also appropriate for advanced courses in persuasion, communication theory, and campaigns.

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