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Sensation and Perception

Course Codes : 101680

Sensation and Perception

ISBN 9780878935727
Edition 3rd edition
Publisher Sinauer Associates Inc.,U.S.
Publication Date
Why does the sky look blue? Why does sugar taste sweet? Can my dog hear the same things I hear? Sensation and Perception is written by experts in each of the five senses who have a passion and enthusiasm for conveying the excitement of this field to students. It is an introductory text that provides comprehensive descriptions of vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The text is student-friendly with useful anecdotes and full-colour illustrations throughout. It focuses on core areas to make the subject more manageable and accessible to students. UPDATED RESEARCH THROUGHOUT * Revised throughout to include the most recent research and theories * New emphasis on clinical examples to motivate methodologies FULLY REORGANISED * The chapters have been reorganised and the content within chapters have been restructured to provide a better framework for study EXPANDED WEBSITE * New demonstrations and exercises have been added to the Companion Website An Instructor's Resource Library CD-ROM is also available (978-0-87893-661-8)
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