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Silicon Front-End Technology - Materials Processing and Modelling

Silicon Front-End Technology - Materials Processing and Modelling

ISBN 9781558994386
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Cambridge University Press
As silicon-integrated circuit technology enters the sub-100nm realm, continued progress will depend on a fundamental understanding of the physics of materials processing. The high cost of processing experimental lots and the speed at which new devices brought to the market have created a new emphasis on realistic physical models incorporated in technology CAD (TCAD) simulation tools. The book brings together researchers to review recent developments in the integrated-circuit community and to identify key issues for future research in this field. Results of research on the physical mechanisms involved in silicon device processing are presented both from experimental and theoretical viewpoints. The application of this research to TCAD process simulation models is also addressed. Topics include: shallow junctions and transient enhanced diffusion; extended defects and transient enhanced diffusion; impurities and point defects; implant technology, thin films and surfaces and point defects and diffusion in SiGe.

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