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Smart Thinking 2E / Essential Academic Skills 2E / Making the Grade 3E

Smart Thinking 2E / Essential Academic Skills 2E / Making the Grade 3E

ISBN 9780190023096
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Smart Thinking is a practical, step-by-step guide to improving skills in analysis, critical thinking, and the effective communication of arguments and explanations. It combines an accessible and straightforward style, with a strong foundation of knowledge. The book treats reasoning as an aspect of communication, not an abstract exercise in logic. It not only provides detailed advice on how to practice better analytical skills, but also demonstrates how these skills can be used in research and writing. In particular, Smart Thinking emphasises how to develop arguments that are coherent and that take account of their audience and context. Essential Academic Skills encourages and supports students to develop their skills to become the best learners they can be. It takes a step-by-step approach to the essential skills required to complete a university degree and provides comprehensive learning support through examples and activities. Making the Grade is a comprehensive reference for university students and staff on all aspects of higher education study and communication. It offers advice on completing university assignments and assessment tasks in a way that will help students 'make the grade'. Covering all aspects of university learning in the order in which students are likely to encounter them, the book begins by dealing with listening skills and effective time management, and concludes with advice on submitting answers during an electronic exam sitting. In between, it investigates and explains all formats in which lecturers usually ask students to convey their ideas, including essays, reports, annotated bibliographies, reviews, oral presentations, posters, figures and tables. It also offers assistance on teamwork, revision, referencing and using the library effectively.

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