Social Marketing: Good Intentions

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Social Marketing: Good Intentions 9780734611321

ISBN : 9780734611321
Publisher : Tilde Publishing
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 1st edition
Overview Social Marketing: Good Intentions examines current social, environmental, health and safety issues affecting individuals and their communities. It provides a critical look at the barriers and challenges to behavior change. It has been written in an investigative manner for advanced undergraduate students and first year postgraduate students who intend to pursue careers in the public sector in community health and environmental sustainability. The book is issue based and structured in five parts. * Part I addresses the need for behavior change and the relationship between overconsumption and well-being. * Part II centers on such issues as healthy eating, exercise, early cancer detection and safe sex. * Part III discusses sensitive topics such as discrimination, mental illness and domestic violence. * Part IV looks at smoking, drugs and alcohol, drink driving and speeding. * Part V considers recycling, water conservation, climate change and energy efficiency. Each of the 15 chapters focuses on specific difficult topics and incorporates the research needs, ethical concerns and theoretical approaches to tackling behavior change. Overall the aim of the book is to stimulate active engagement with these issues. Table of Contents * Part I: SETTING THE SCENE: Good reasons for behaviour change (Chapter 1 - Overconsumption and the pursuit of pleasure; Chapter 2 - Social marketing and sustainability; Chapter 3 - The social contract) * Part II: LIVE LONG AND PROSPER: Heath and Well-being (Chapter 4 - Battle of the bulge; Chapter 5 - Prevention and early detection; Chapter 6 - Safe sex) * Part III: BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: Power and perception (Chapter 7 - Blue eyes/brown eyes; Chapter 8 - Out of darkness; Chapter 9 - Stand by me) * Part IV: LIFE IN THE FAST LANE: Addictions and risky behaviour (Chapter 10 - Up in smoke; Chapter 11 - skal! ??! bula! cheers!; Chapter 12 - Speed racer * Part V: BACK TO BASICS: Environment and sustainable living (Chapter 13 - What a waste; Chapter 14 - Essentials of life; Chapter 15 - Changes)

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