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Soils: An Introduction

Soils: An Introduction

ISBN 9780130278258
Edition 5 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
Now in its fifth edition, Soils: An Introduction provides readers with a fresh approach to the study of soils. Covering all major topics, the text utilizes a unique "building the pedon" model to provide readers with a single soil concept upon which to build and learn. The goal is to help readers understand the parts that contribute to the whole soil individual and then appreciate how those parts function together. Some of the features of this new edition include: *Enhanced discussion of environmental issues. -- Puts learning about soils into an environmental context. *An emphasis on the correct use of scale in all figures. -- Helps readers become aware of the vast range involved, from organisms as small as viruses, to the expanse of landscapes. *Focuses on soils as ecosystems, as parts of ecosystems, and as parts of environmental management. -- Helps readers to understand how each soil part relates to each other. Singer and Munns' Soils: An Introduction, fifth edition is a must-have for anyone interested in learning about soils.

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