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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

ISBN 9780195583977
Publication Date
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Southeast Asia: A Modern History adopts both a narrative and a comparative approach to the modern history of Southeast Asia. It is divided into five parts. The first discusses the kinds of State that have existed in Southeast Asia and also provides a chronological framework. The next two parts deal with a number of topics, on a comparative as well as a chronological basis. The fourth part, though again pursuing a number of themes, emphasises the political developments of the twentieth century. The fifth part offers some comments on the historiography of Southeast Asia.In adopting this structure, the author was affected by his wish to see Southeast Asia as unique, but also as part of wider human experiences. He compares the experiences of Southeast Asian states, peoples and regimes, but also attempts to link those experiences with those of states, peoples and regimes in other parts of the world.

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