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Spanish Studies: An Introduction

Spanish Studies: An Introduction

ISBN 9780340760383
Publication Date
Publisher Hodder Arnold
What does it mean to be Spanish? Where do they live and who are their heroes? What do they believe and how do they earn a living? How do they love and what are their attitudes to death? This accessible introduction explores the notion of 'Spanishness' through ten key themes. Starting with the history and influences of Europe and Latin America on Spanish identity, Bill Richardson goes on to examine issues of place and language, before discussing iconic Spanish figures such as Don Quixote and Don Juan. Spanish attitudes to love and death are explored alongside discussions of schooling, home life and the workplace. Each chapter is supported by appropriate extracts in Spanish from classic and contemporary authors, as well as suggestions for further reading. Ranging over topics as diverse as political corruption and religious orthodoxy, Basque nationalism and Andalusian fiestas, 'Spanish Studies' provides fascinating insights into Spanish life, and is an invaluable introduction to Spanish culture.

Due Date 16/07/2018

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