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Speak Like A Ceo

Speak Like A Ceo

ISBN 9780071451512
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional
Suzanne Bates, an award-winning TV news anchor turned consultant-to-the-CEOs, has seen it all. In more than 10,000 interviews, she has witnessed business leaders stumble and crumble, and political leaders ruin their chances for election by turning to stone (or mush) in front of crowds and cameras. Now, smart business and political leaders hire her to get them in shape for potentially grueling interviews and speeches. In "Speak Like a CEO", she shares the communication success secrets she teaches in her speaking, including to her impressive client list, which includes AT&T, Harvard Business School, Boston College, Ernst & Young, Fleet Bank and the North American Management Corporation.Her user-friendly approach and tested techniques can help just about anyone - newly minted business managers, seasoned CEOs, and those on the rise in any organization - learn how to develop an authoritative voice and credible presence for any public speaking situation. Divided into three parts, "Speak Like a CEO" includes everything you need to handle any kind of public speaking event or interview. In Part 1, The Secrets, she shares what she learned from 20 years on TV and radio, and how to develop credibility and authenticity. In Part 2, The Situations, readers will find easy-to-use advice to help them succeed in speeches, presentations, media interviews, Q&A sessions, business meetings, and even business-social conversations.Part 3, The Strategies, provides self-improvement plans (to reach short-term and long-term speaking goals) that can be easily customized to anyone's needs. She describes plenty of real-world examples to illustrate her points. Readers will learn what Martha Stewart learned the hard way about the importance of communication in a time of crisis. Or what Oprah Winfrey could teach all of us about being interviewed. Or Colin Powell's secret for coming across as authentic every time he speaks. Or what Mario Cuomo does (that anyone can do) to overcome stage fright. Bates' tips and techniques will turn any reader into a public speaker extraordinaire.

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