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State Constitutional Landmarks

State Constitutional Landmarks

ISBN 9781862876071
Publication Date
Publisher Federation Press
Fifteen landmark cases and controversies of parliamentary government in the Australian colonies and States are recounted in all their political and legal drama by some of Australia's leading constitutional scholars. The amazing saga of Justice Boothby in the 1860s Privy Council decisions establishing the plenary power of colonial legislatures The dismissal of NSW Premier Jack Lang in 1932 The resolution of deadlocks between State legislative Houses The making of the Australia Acts 1986 Debate on the separation of judicial power in the States The survival of the NSW Legislative Council The power to expel an MP in NSW One-vote, one-value in WA Affirmation of the rule of law in WA The Franca Arena saga in NSW The power to force ministers to produce documents in NSW A NSW Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government publication.

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