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State Leasehold in Queensland

State Leasehold in Queensland

ISBN 9781862873674
Publication Date
Publisher Federation Press
The State lease in Queensland is a unique creature. In the hands of Public Land Administrators it is an influential land management tool. To the casual observer it is not all that different to a lease as commonly understood. But appearances can be deceiving. In recent times the State Lease has been examined in the context of native title, most notably in the decision of the High Court in Wik Peoples v Queensland (1996) 187 CLR 1. Its importance in Queensland, however, goes beyond that. This book examines the origins of the State lease and explains its significant role in terms of land management policy and the land tenure system in Queensland. As well, comparisons are made with general law leases thus giving the reader a highly practical understanding of the ways in which rights given by State leases operate and are to be interpreted. Importantly, the reader will gain an insight into the distinct legal problems that State leases give rise to. This book is written for those who deal with or who are interested in the law relating to State leases, including lawyers, governments and academics. Although the text is limited to a consideration of State leases in Queensland, the book will also be of use to those who deal with State leases in other Australian jurisdictions.

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