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Strategic Environmental Assessment

Strategic Environmental Assessment

ISBN 9781862874336
Publication Date
Publisher Federation Press
Strategic Environmental Assessment in Australasia provides an authoritative, up-to-date report on the state of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in Australia and New Zealand, at a time of gathering momentum for recognition of SEA as a necessary and legitimate part of natural resources management. SEA is the application of environmental assessment to policies, plans and programs. It seeks to address, as early as possible, and on a par with social and economic impacts, what environmental impacts may occur, and what measures should be taken to avoid or ameliorate these impacts. In Australia and New Zealand, SEA remains the poor relation to project related environmental impact assessment (EIA) with the result that project related EIA still commonly takes place in a vacuum of strategic and cumulative environmental assessment. This book examines: What SEA is, and how it relates to other tools The need for SEA, and how it can influence decision-making How SEA works, and the principles on which it is based, the different approaches that must be taken, and the methods that may be deployed Procedural requirements within countries, and internationally Strategic Environmental Assessment in Australasia contains theoretical and practical perspectives, and complements works focussing on North American and European experiences. The examples show: missed opportunities, as well as opportunities made and grasped the effects of a lack of formal legal recognition or specification of SEA the circumstances, such as longstanding conflict between interest groups, that have forced governments to an integrated and strategic rather than an 'ad hoc' response. Editors Simon Marsden and Steve Dovers consider whether SEA will play a more meaningful role in resource and environmental management, what that role should be and how that might be achieved. This book will be useful to practitioners from many disciplines, including law, land use planning, geography, engineering and the social sciences.

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