Strategies for Reading Success

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Strategies for Reading Success

ISBN : 9781875622733
Publisher : Primary English Teaching Association (PETA)
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 1st edition
Overview Reading is a thinking activity. Effective readers do more than decode the words in a text; they also think about what they read, and they know how to use their prior knowledge to access, understand, use and evaluate a text. This book shows teachers how to develop their students as effective readers; as 'literate thinkers'. Readers draw on different types of knowledge to comprehend what they read. The knowledge they use includes: Semantic knowledge: knowledge about the topic of a text, including vocabulary; Grammatical knowledge: knowledge about language and how it works; Graphophonic knowledge: knowledge about sound/ letter relationships; and Visual/ pictorial knowledge: knowledge about how to read the images in a text. Each one of these forms of knowledge needs to be taught explicitly. In addition, readers need to be taught how to select and combine these forms of knowledge to maximise their understanding. The teaching strategies in this book will help students to decode texts (ie translate print to sound), and also show them how to apply ways of thinking about texts that will improve their comprehension and make them more effective as readers.



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