Street Renegades: New Underground Art

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Street Renegades: New Underground Art 9781856695299

ISBN : 9781856695299
Publisher : Laurence King Publishing
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview The street has been at the heart of many groundbreaking visual subcultures for the past thirty years. However, there is now emerging a new wave of artists who are moving in fresh directions beyond graffiti and street art. Frustrated by wholesale corporate theft of street creativity, these artists are employing different techniques in their work, different materials, different means of dissemination and different ways of getting their work noticed. Often using new materials fly-tipped rubbish, street signs, children's toys, chalk, vinyl, perspex these artists are subverting the three-dimensional street scape to shock, educate and entertain. What makes their work so interesting is the dynamic way in which it operates between fine art and street art to form something revolutionary these artists are changing the way people experience city life. This book documents the new art with photographs of the work and interviews with major players around the world.

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