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Strengthening Health System Governance: Better policies, stronger performance

Strengthening Health System Governance: Better policies, stronger performance

ISBN 9780335261345
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Mcgraw Hill


PART 1: TAPIC a framework for analyzing and improving health system governance


Chapter 1: Introduction: Strengthening governance amidst changing governance

Chapter 2: Governance: A Framework

Chapter 3: Strategies for Policy Success: Achieving “Good” Governance

Chapter 4: Measuring governance:  Accountability, management and research

Chapter 5: Policy lessons for health governance


PART 2: Sectoral case studies on health system governance

Chapter 6: Governing competitive insurance market reform: Case studies from the Netherlands and Switzerland

Chapter 7: The governance of public-private partnerships: Lessons from the UK and Germany

Chapter 8: The governance of coverage in health systems: England’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Chapter 9: Understanding the role of governance in the pharmaceutical sector: from laboratory to patient

Chapter 10: Intergovernmental governance for health: Federalism, decentralization, and communicable diseases

Chapter 11: Austerity: Reforming systems under financial pressure

Chapter 12: Issues of governance in implementing complex policy innovations:  Lessons from primary healthcare reforms in Estonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Chapter 13: Hospital governance: Policy capacity and reform in England, France, and Italy


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