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Structural Fetal Abnormalities: The Total Picture

Structural Fetal Abnormalities: The Total Picture

ISBN 9780323014762
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publisher Mosby
This new edition presents a comprehensive, integrated approach to the detection and treatment of 100 of the most common fetal anomalies, including anomalies of the limbs, heart, central nervous, genitourinary, and gastrointestinal systems, as well as alphafeta-protein, multisystem, and chromosomal abnormalities. The cardiac section has been completely revised, with discussions of 10 new entities and useful, well-illustrated tips on performing fetal echocardiography. Sixteen new entities associated with other parts of the body, have also been added. All chapters in this edition are extensively revised to present the latest information.

Due Date 10/12/2018

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