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Stunned Mullets and Two Pot Screamers

Stunned Mullets and Two Pot Screamers

ISBN 9780195563160
Edition 5
Publication Date
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Amusing and informative, Stunned Mullets & Two-pot screamers: A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms is a revealing guide to the richness and colour of the Australian language. Now available in this updated and considerably expanded edition, it records the distinctive and inventive slang of Australia, and provides a unique insight into Australian life and culture. This famous dictionary, first published in 1978, combines the earliest and most recent colloquial coinages. Words and idioms are drawn from a wide range of sources and each entry is in context, with origins and derivations. Enduring colloquialisms have as many as ten citations from original works, illustrating changing meanings and emphases. Stunned Mullets & Two-pot Screamers: A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms is the ideal companion to the Australian language that no lover of words can afford to be without.

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