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Succession: Families, Property and Death, 5th edition

Course Codes : LAWS3427

Succession: Families, Property and Death, 5th edition

ISBN 9780409347326
Edition 5
Publication Date
Publisher LexisNexis
Succession: Families, Property and Death, 5th edition continues to set the standard in the approach to the study of succession law. Taking a strong theoretical and comparative focus, legal principles are set firmly in their historical and social context. Australian succession law is placed in its national and international setting, and considers social objectives of succession law as a basis for understanding and applying the rules. Including up-to-date commentary on case law and legislation, this revised edition also considers the impact of the Uniform Succession Laws project on the law in Australia. Features • Authors are recognised experts in the field • Multidisciplinary focus • Online ancillary support materials for lecturers • Clear, concise commentary on succession law principles, including references to relevant cases and legislation • Extra material to engage and support students in their understanding of the material Related Titles Dal Pont & Mackie, Law of Succession, 2nd ed, 2017 De Groot & Nickel, Family Provision in Australia, 5th ed, 2016 Mackie, Principles of Australian Succession Law, 3rd ed, 2017 Vines, Quick Reference Card: Succession Law, 2010

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