Sustainable Coaching: A Primer for Executive and Coaches

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Sustainable Coaching: A Primer for Executive and Coaches 9780734610737

ISBN : 9780734610737
Publisher : Tilde University Press
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview Executive coaching has become an extremely popular tool in the realm of executive development. Consequently, this market is now awash with people who offer coaching services. The skills and abilities of coaches range from the experts, with many years of executive leadership and coaching experience, to the novices who have recently joined the industry. The performance of coaches in the market is also variable: some of these practitioners significantly enhance the business performance and personal capability of their clients; other coaches fail to advance, and might even stifle, progress. "Sustainable Coaching: A Primer for Executives and Coaches" explores these questions, demystifies the industry, and introduces a powerful framework, derived from scientific advances in psychology as well as extensive experience in the coaching domain, called 'sustainable coaching'. In this environment, so many questions remain unresolved. Are coaches useful during times of economic uncertainty? What are the potential benefits and complications of coaches? How can these coaches ensure that any improvements are sustainable? How can organisations select suitable coaches and assess the utility of these services? What are the factors that determine whether coaches will be effective-experience in senior management, qualifications from universities, or access to the latest scientific advances? And, who should become a coach? This book is suited to both experienced and prospective coaches as well as individuals who might need to seek a coach - either for their organisation or for themselves. Indeed, this book is applicable to anyone who would like to be informed of the latest advances in coaching techniques.

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