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Systems Thinking and Modelling

Systems Thinking and Modelling

ISBN 9781877258008
Publisher Prentice Hall New Zealand
Systems Thinking and Modelling offers readers a comprehensive introduction to the growing field of systems thinking and modelling (based on the system dynamics approach) and its applications. The book provides a self-contained and unique blend of qualitative and quantitative modelling, step-by-step methodology, numerous examples and mini-cases as well as extensive real-life case studies. This presentation style makes the otherwise technical tools of systems thinking and modelling accessible to a wide range of people.The book is intended as a text for students in business, management, management and information systems, social sciences, applied sciences and engineering. It also has particular relevance for professionals interested in group and organisational learning, especially in the educational, social, medical and scientific fields. Systems thinking as a managerial and organisational discipline was popularised in the 1990s. Since then, interest has grown worldwide in 'organisational learning' and related disciplines. Systems thinking and modelling provide a paradigm, a language and a technology for understanding the dynamics that underlie change and complexity in business, polit

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