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Teaching Creative Writing Primary School

Teaching Creative Writing Primary School

ISBN 9780335242795
Publication Date
Publisher Open University Press
Over the last 15 years the Primary National Strategy and the standards-driven curriculum in teacher education have demonstrably improved the primary education of children in the UK. Yet there has been a growing awareness that creativity has been neglected. To address this, a range of initiatives have been launched to offer support for creativity in the primary curriculum. This book will provide teachers with a set of teaching strategies to provide children with a tool-kit of creative skills. This book suggests that a child, who might dislike a lesson on the correct use of grammar, will become excited by a lesson that involves using his or her own talents and experiences to create a story. Throughout the process of composing the story the child will attend to aspects of grammar in order to share their work with others. Results from the classroom research conducted using the exercises in this book suggest that the book has the power to enable teachers to engage pupils in writing lessons, who are often uninterested in classroom writing lessons. The book also includes: 20 creative writing templates for classroom activities; a variety of exercises to help develop creative writing skills and build pupil confidence; and, detailed curriculum links. "Teaching Creative Writing in the Primary School" is essential reading for all primary school teachers.

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