Teaching Ethics: A Curriculum-Based Approach to Ethical Thinking

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Teaching Ethics: A Curriculum-Based Approach to Ethical Thinking 9781742392547

ISBN : 9781742392547
Publisher : Hawker Brownlow Education Pty Ltd
Author(s) :
Overview Written by practising classroom teachers, this book provides a wealth of practical classroom techniques and explanations of ethical strategies to use with all students. The process of incorporating moral reasoning and ethical decision-making strategies in your classroom is explained with the Community of Inquiry model, effective questioning and creative thinking and described with reference to Bloom's Revised Taxonomy of Cognitive Objectives and Krathwohl's Taxonomy of Cognitive Objectives. It also incorporates the PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting) tool and introduces the PAVE (Principles, Agreements, Virtues, End Consequences) moral reasoning strategy, among many other approaches. The lessons it teaches will help students in all areas of school, but the results will last a lifetime.


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