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Teaching Mathematics / Open Ended Maths Activities

Course Codes : EDUC3739

Teaching Mathematics / Open Ended Maths Activities

ISBN 9780190023362
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford Uni Press (OUP)
Teaching Mathematics: Foundations to Middle Years utilises a rich set of practical pedagogy that will connect students to the bigger picture of mathematics and show them how to: Communicate mathematically; Feel positive about mathematics and their role in teaching it; Enter the classroom confident they are equipped with the practical knowledge, skills, strategies and activities to teach maths. Open Ended Maths Activities discusses a type of open-ended, problem-solving question called a 'good' question. These questions enhance learning, teaching and assessment and are a useful addition to a teacher's strategies. It includes: *practical advice on how to create your own 'good' questions to use within the classroom; organised by subject area and levels (upper, middle and junior); the sixteen topics covered are included within Number, Measurement, Space and Chance and Data.

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