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Teaching Primary Science + Science Stories Pack

Teaching Primary Science + Science Stories Pack

ISBN 9780170167338
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage
Explores the latest research and thinking on the most effective ways to help students learn science; A comprehensive introductory chapter acts as an advance organiser for all the major issues that are exemplified in later chapters; Case studies and vignettes illustrate how teachers have applied constructivist learning sequences in their classrooms, helping readers to see the teaching and learning suggestions 'in action'; Numerous examples throughout demonstrate teaching strategies that align with a constructivist perspective; Summaries of primary students' alternative conceptions in the various science content areas help readers to appreciate the ideas their students may hold; Concepts and understandings for primary teachers are included at the end of Chapters 3 - 12, allowing readers to audit their own understanding of various content areas; A wide range of activities throughout the text enable readers to interact with the text and be more metacognitive about their learning.

Due Date 16/07/2018

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