Strain Analyses

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Strain Analyses

ISBN : 9780125769211
Publisher : Pearson
Author(s) :
Overview This book has grown out of a need to teach fundamental, practical aspects of structural geology to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the earth sciences and they have written to provide a basic text at undergraduate university level. We have tried to assemble a comprehensive account of such basic techniques as could be the foundation of a practical and theoretical course in the analysis of tectonic structures, stress and strain. Volume 1 covers the principles of deformation, and Volume 2 applies these principles specifically to the analysis of folds and fractures. This book provides a unique practical introduction to structural geology for students. It uses over 220 clear line figures. It is lavishly illustrated throughout with 107 high quality photographs showing features of naturally deformed rocks over a range of scale-aerial photographs, field photographs and photomicrograph. It starts each session with the formulation of a problem and presentation of any essential background or necessary mathematical techniques. It gives graded problems with solutions fully discussed in the text drawing out key features of the methods used. It provides 22 working diagrams for use is problem solving.

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