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 Technologies Education for the Primary Years with Online Study Tools 12 months

Course Codes : EDU103, EDU204, EDU416, EDU416

Technologies Education for the Primary Years with Online Study Tools 12 months

ISBN 9780170367684
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage
Create. Innovate. Shape. Transform. Improve. Solve. Restore. Sustain. All of these things are possible with the aid of the powerful processes, knowledge and skills that students discover in this exciting new text about the technologies education area. Technologies Education for the Primary Years explains what 'technology' really is, its role in human society and how it responds to different circumstances across history and geography. Students come to know that technology is both a distinct education area and a process that is embedded in many activities in other learning areas, rather than a product. Chapters discuss how this subject relates to other fields such as science and engineering, and the critical role that technologies education plays in preparing future generations of active, informed citizens. They also introduce key concepts and elements in teaching technologies to primary students, including: creativity and the design process; computational thinking; suitable pedagogical approaches; summative and formative assessment; safety; and how to carefully select and adapt appropriate resources to support effective learning. The final part of the book provides a concise introduction to the two distinct technologies subjects in the Australian Curriculum: Design and technologies, and Digital technologies. A wealth of practical ideas and authentic classroom examples drawn from the extensive teaching experiences of the authors illustrate how teachers can implement these subjects in the classroom. * Provides teachers with the knowledge and understanding of technology and the curriculum that enables them to plan and implement technologies education in their classrooms * Gives clear indications of how to approach technologies in the classroom, through recognising the role of creativity and design thinking in technological innovation * Encourages students to adopt active learning approaches that embody the project management concepts from the curriculum

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