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Telecommunications for Managers

Telecommunications for Managers

ISBN 9780130284860
Edition 5 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
The field of telecommunications continues to expand geometrically, propelled by ongoing advances in technology and relaxing government regulation. Telecommunications for Managers--written by a highly qualified author with global experience in a major corporation--describes the basics of the technology, the rapid changes, and their implications for telecommunication networks in business and industry. Readers are taught how to manage telecommunications in an organization through the presentation of equipment, networks, interfaces, standards, and agencies. The discussion of familiar aspects of telecommunications, along with the ISO-OSI model presented early in the text, serves as a springboard for further study. Because most voice transmissions are now digitized and can be processed like data when sent over the phone lines, voice communications is treated as a special case of data applications. This revised edition provides expanded coverage of the Intranets and the Internet, which has become ubiquitous in recent years. The important topic of local area networks is also given extensive coverage. The design, operation, and application of both local and wide area networks vis----vis an organization's needs are discussed in detail. This coverage, along with network operating systems, protocols, measuring and monitoring systems, and standards, gives the reader the information and skills necessary to design and operate an effective telecommunications network. Real-world application is emphasized throughout the text through sidebars, case studies, and a running case. Discussion of issues in network management distinguishes this book as readers explore the telecommunications department and its strategic and operational objectives.

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