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Textbook Solutions

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Management Accounting

Langfield-Smith, Kim; Smith, David; Andon, Paul; Thorne, Helen; Hilton, Ronald W

ISBN : 9781760420406

Prescott's Microbiology

Woolverton, Christopher J.; Sherwood, Linda; Willey, Joanne

ISBN : 9781259281594

Pack Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (includes Connect, LearnSmart)

Ross, Stephen A.; Drew, Michael; Walk, Adam; Westerfield, Randolph W; Jordan, Bradford D

ISBN : 9781743762967

Programming and Planning in Early Childhood Settings with Online Study T ools 12 months

Leonie Arthur, Bronwyn Beecher, Elizabeth Death, Sue Dockett and Sue Farmer

ISBN : 9780170386326

Psychology : Australia and New Zealand 2nd edition

Douglas A. Bernstein, Julie Ann Pooley, Lynne Cohen, Bethanie Gouldthorp, Steven Provost and Jacquelyn Cranney

ISBN : 9780170386302

First Principles of Business Law 2017

Lambiris, Michael; Griffin, Laura

ISBN : 9780190304485

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